Saturday, April 30, 2011

Blog is closing

Dear all!

For many months I have been writing here on my blog, posting pictures of my work or my garden. As I closed my web page recently, I thought it was better and easier to make a proper blog for my Alba Bears. Of course, there will be posts about my other works as well.

If you liked joining "Bears and Scraps", I would be very glad to welcome you on my new Alba Bears blog too! Thanks for following me and for your lovely comments!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

New bears (and new blog)

During march I was so busy making again some bears. I was called by a lady who met me when I was selling my Alba Bears and my children's items of my new "Babelina & Button" studio at the Christmas fair last December.

She wanted to buy a teddy bear for her sister. As she wanted something rather small and preferred other colours than pink or red, I first had to make some new creations with the mohairs she chose.

These three fellows were born. It was quite fun, working so intensely on the bears, but it was also a lot of work and very exhausting, as the work could only be done in the late evening... Short nights. Our daughter is too big now, she can reach almost everything on the table, and she wants to be with her mama. And it's difficult enough for me not to lose any of the small parts! And all those pins - definitely not suitable for small hands.

I called the lady, my hopefully soon-to-be customer, to tell her the teddies are ready, that she might come and have a look at them, of course without any obligations to buy one. She told me to call me back - but never did. (I learned another lesson how to run a small business. Or rather: how NOT to run it...)

After having waited for 3 weeks, I put them in my Etsy shop and hope they find a new loving home.

Please note: by the end of April, this blog will be "closed" - I already have a new blog for my Alba Bears, and I would be happy if you could follow me there!

Im März war ich damit beschäftigt, neue Teddys zu machen. Eine Dame hatte mich kontaktiert, die meinen Stand am Weihnachtsmarkt besucht hatte. Für ihr Schwester wollte sie einen eher kleinen Bären, und er durfte nicht in Rot sein. Da ich gerade nichts Passendes hatte, schuf ich drei neue Bären aus Mohairs, die die potentielle Kundin ausgesucht hatte.

Es war sehr schön, wieder einmal so intensiv Bären zu machen, aber auch anstrengend, denn ich musste fast ausschliesslich nachts abends arbeiten, da die vielen kleinen Teile und die gefährlichen Stecknadeln derzeit eine einzige grosse Versuchung für unsere Tochter sind und es zu riskant wäre, weil die Kleine ja stets bei Mutti sein möchte. Zudem ist es schon für mich alleine schwierig genug, keine Einzelteile zu verlieren...

Als die drei fertig waren, rief ich voller Freude meine (hoffentlich) zukünftige Kundin an. Sie könne sich die Bären ansehen, natürlich ohne Kaufverpflichtung. Sie versprach, mich zurück zu rufen - was sie aber bis heute leider nicht tat. Ein bisschen enttäuscht bin ich schon, denn ich hatte viel Zeit und Arbeit in die Teddys investiert und mich bemüht, den gewünschten Termin einzuhalten und auf die Vorstellungen der Dame einzugehen. Einmal mehr habe ich dazu gelernt, wie man so einen kleinen Nebenerwerb besser führen sollte (oder eben: wie besser nicht). 

Nachdem ich nun drei Wochen gewartet habe, habe ich die drei kleinen Gesellen in meinen Etsy-Shop gestellt, in der Hoffnung, dass der eine oder andere auf diesem Weg ein neues Zuhause finden möge.

Noch ein Hinweis: Dieser Blog wird per Ende April geschlossen, d.h. er wird nicht mehr aktualisiert. Ich habe jedoch für meine Alba Bears bereits einen neuen Blog, und es würde mich sehr freuen, wenn meine Leser mir von jetzt an dort folgen würden. Danke!

Monday, March 14, 2011

I'm moving my blog!

Dear all!

I was busy during these weeks, trying to build up my new business and organising my little studio, which was in a state that used to be, to be honest, a nightmare...
But now things seem to get settled, and I'm busy again making new bears. A client ordered a teddy, and she might even buy another one, which is always very pleasing. Business is not so well presently, I think people still don't like to spend too much money for art or collectibles. But nonetheless I have so many new designs and ideas, and I also would like to make space in my studio, so I started to sale off some of my "older" creations. I think it's time they leave home and find a new place to live. :-) So please have a look at my shop, thanks.

I also will have to make a proper hat for this lovely teddy lady. She is one of my so-called "older" creations, and I set her apart for a client who wanted me to buy her but never called to pick her up. She had a matching felt hat before, but I was not happy with it and the material was not up to my quality standards. So I will have to sit down and make a new one which will certainly turn out better.

One last thing: I will be closing this blog soon. The reason is very simple: I used to have my own homepage for my Alba Bears, but I had nothing but troubles with the provider, and it got more and more complicated. I also was not happy that maintaining the site was so time-consuming. I'd rather spend my time with my family, or making bears, sewing children's clothing, working in the garden. So I decided to close my site. But then, I needed a proper blog, so that my customers can find me easily. And thus I set up a new blog named like my bears, AlbaBears. For a certain time, posts will be published on both blogs at the same time, but if you would like to follow my blog in the future, be sure to go to the NEW blog and follow me there. It was wonderful to have you as a follower here on "Bears & Scraps". There will be scraps of other crafts on my "AlbaBears" blog as well, and I would be deeply honoured and very glad to see you on my new blog soon.
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